We are proud to be in cooperation with the Ghent University to formulate the highest quality dog food. We use carefully selected, top quality ingredients that are 100% natural and are never genetically modified. Additionally, we never add artificial colouring agents or flavourings to our delicious food for your pet. You can count on us and know that our food completely meets the specific nutritional needs of your dog and that we can provide your four-legged best friend with the most appropriate meals.


There are clear anatomical and physiological differences between the many different breeds of dogs. Age and size contribute to your pet having different nutritional needs.


The EURO•PREMIUM® ORIGINAL assortment is a super premium dog food, based on high quality ingredients, which completely satisfies the normal daily nutritional needs of dogs of all ages and breeds. The immune system is supported by the addition of a specific vitamin mix, FOS and MOS and selenium as antioxidant. Furthermore, we also offer functional nutrition with EURO•PREMIUM® FUNCTIONAL, based on very carefully selected and high quality ingredients that address specific needs such as, being overweight, skin allergy, sensitive digestion, … The extra addition of natural antioxidants to the already existing vitamin mix (see Original) contributes to an excellent immunity.


EURO•PREMIUM®, the super premium guarantee for a super fit dog!